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Aspiring Author | Advocate | Leader | Learner

Ahmya is a high school junior from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She first got involved with Youth Upholding Democracy to assist underrepresented advocates; As she is one. Her aspirations include a career in politics, global business, and entrepreneurship. In addition to YUD, Ahmya is an active member in 7 school, organizations, and clubs all while excelling in her classes. She is one out of five students in her grade to excel two years in math and is the only minority in the group of five. Even with academic success, she excels in service. Ahmya is very active in STEAM initiatives(even writing a book) and advocacy as she liked to use her knowledge to help other. To the point she will be leading YUD's magazine. Ahmya is a proven hard-worker and leader! She aspires to assist in YUD’s mission, using her passion and dedication. Learn more about Ahmya through her LinkedIn.

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