Digital & Communications Director

Ahmya is a high school sophomore from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She first got involved with Youth Upholding Democracy to assist underrepresented advocates. Being as she is one, because she is mixed with Black and Puerto Rican. Her aspirations include a career in politics or science. In addition to YUD, Ahmya is an active member in school, organizations, and clubs. Ahmya excels in all of her classes, mostly in science and math. She is one out of five students in her school to excel two grades in math. She is the only minority in the group of five. In science, she is the only student in her school to take 12th-grade Chemistry in 9th grade. Even with academic challenges, she excels in service. Ahmya is currently President of student government where she leads weekly meetings and organizes school-wide initiatives, Vice President of Envirothon where she helps plan meetings, Debate club sophomore representative where she plans debate topics for meetings, a member of the First Robotics Club where she attends meetings and speaks at events, the only First Lego League mentor were she organizes the creation of a competition-ready middle school team, Head of STEM for TheScrunchieProject where she creates monthly STEM curriculums, Captain of chess club, Head of Project and Curriculum development for GirlsClick where she leads the creation of a global STEM comp, Mentorship program and monthly workshops. Ahmya is a proven hard-worker and leader! She aspires to assist in YUD’s mission, using her passion and dedication.