Meiling Laurence is a high school junior from Long Island, New York. She took up this project in order to increase political participation among her fellow young people; she knows that if all citizens vote and stay informed, then our government's actions will better reflect the common will, but that young people currently turn out to vote in considerably smaller numbers than people from older generations. Meiling believes that encouraging young people to become more politically engaged will help beget a better future.

In addition to being a founder of Youth Upholding Democracy, Meiling has interned on two local political campaigns that have helped her learn more not only about politics, but her own community, too. Meiling cares about giving back to her community, and to this end, she gives homework help to ESOL elementary schoolers through a program run by her public library. She is also a member of her school’s science research program; this year, she is working with a partner on a project about the public health consequences of coronavirus misinformation on social media. Apart from that, Meiling plays the clarinet, writes for her school’s newspaper, and is an avid learner of history.